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1. Our concept means huge saving for your pocket!
2. Our concept is simple. We sell top quality goods direct from the factory with up to 50-70% off high street prices .
3. Our goods cost less not because they are low cost pieces, but because we have cut out all middleman and wastage in the traditional.
4. Our goal is make your home an amazing place, and to make you happy :)

How the sale in our store looks like ......

We work directly with the factories ordering your goods only when you order, thereby reducing the steps and the costs which make your goods more expensive,
that means you get more for your money and higher quality goods for much less!!!
We work with the factory on demand, when you place your order, It allows us to offer you great quality with reduced prices .
We work with only established and reputable factories many of which produce goods for some of the leading european brands .
Because we order on demand, you`re planning and patience is rewarded with fantastic quality goods made from the highest specifications at hugely reduced cost. Our goods will be delivered between 7-35 working days. if upholstered, maximum of up to 40 working days. We will inform you of your delivery. Enjoy your shoping! 

please contact us at emails furnitexoffice@yahoo.co.uk or info.furnitex@yahoo.co.uk alternatively you may call us at 01623623254 for landline or 07513884705 for mobile.